St. Mary's College - Archive

This material was digitised through the support and good offices of two past pupils, Mr Vincent McGovern (1952) and Mr Liam Birkett (1959).

It comprises downloadable versions of each of the College annuals, as well as copies of the school newsletter, An Realt, and a downloadable edition of Fr Maher's 'A History of St Mary's 1890 - 1990'.

The contents of each book can be searched by clicking (and holding) the CTRL and F buttons and using the search box for names or words in each volume. The contents page of each book also contains individual links to the chapter in each book.

Finally, the archive is not complete as we are missing some annuals (1968, 1969, 1973 & 1976). We would love to hear from you if you have a copy of one of the missing books. All archive material can be added, as provided by past pupils, and the originals returned.