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What is the Benevolent Trust?

The SAMACORA BENEVOLENT TRUST is a solely charitable trust founded by the St Mary’s College Past Pupils Union in 2001 to help less fortunate members in need of assistance. It is a registered Charity and is regulated by a set of rules set out in a Deed of Trust dated October 2001.

Who are the Beneficiaries of the Trust?

The Beneficiaries of the Trust shall be Past and Present Pupils of St. Mary’s College (C.S.Sp.) Rathmines (“the College”) together with:

(a) their widows, wives or partners
(b) direct and immediate family members
(c) such persons as are, may be or in the past have been financially dependent on Past or Present Pupils of the College whether as children, step children, foster children, children of their partners or otherwise

What is the aim and objective of the Trust?

The main aim and objective of the Trust is to assist Beneficiaries who because of poverty or need, are in need of assistance whether financial or otherwise. The Trustees may:

(a) make pecuniary or other donations to the Beneficiaries;
(b) assist Beneficiaries by making donations, grants and loans (with or without interest) including grants and loans for training or other educational purposes;
(c) support the Beneficiaries financially in relation to educational programmes and school events;
(d) promote any charitable purposes for the benefit of the Trust and in particular the advancement of education;
(e) give Beneficiaries any other assistance as the Trustees shall deem appropriate.

How do I apply to use the Trust?

The Trust is administered from St. Mary’s College, Rathmines, Dublin 6. The Trustees of the SAMACORA Benevolent Trust are Barry Smyth (1964), Joe Turley (1977) and Eamonn Fitzgerald (1961).
For further information contact:
Barry Smyth,
St Mary’s College, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

All queries related to the Trust and the disbursement of Funds to any Beneficiaries is treated in the strictest confidence.

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