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President’s Message – St Mary's College (C.S.Sp)

President's Message

Dear Fellow Past Pupil,

It is a huge honour to serve as President of our Union for 2018/2019. I would like to thank our outgoing President, David McCormack (1991) for doing an excellent job, during the year. David performed his duties with vigour and he was a superb ambassador for the Union. Many events took place since last September and David managed them all with distinction and with the help of our our Committee. David, on behalf of all past pupils, a very big thank you.

I will be relying on David to keep me on the straight and narrow, during the year.

The Union is steeped in history and tradition and represents the continuation of the ethos, fair play and high standards set by the school over many generations. I am very proud to be the fourth Fanagan to wear the Union Chain of Office; my Grandfather, Wiliam Fanagan in 1940/41, my Uncle Paddy in 1969/70, my father John in 1970/71 and my brother David Fanagan in 1999/2000.

I would like to welcome Brian McEniff (1986) to the position of Vice President. Brian has done a very good job as Hon. Membership Secretary and has currently a boy in 6th. year. I have no doubt that he will do an excellent job, when his time comes to wear the Union Chain of Office.

The Union has thousands of members to which we provide a range of events, from the flagship event, which is the Annual Dinner in November, to other functions including The Business Network Lunch, The Table Quiz, Golf Classic, Family Day, Junior Function for students who are five years out, Cricket Match and other events during the year.

One of the principal purposes of the Union is to enhance the St. Mary's Network amongst the graduates of the College. To that end, we will be introducing shortly an on-line database, which will be open for use by the members.

The Union and the College have great belief in the importance of the Union and we cover the cost of membership for the first five years post graduation from the school, after that, we rely on members signing up for direct debit, which can be done via our website, st.marysppu.com.

We need to increase the number of members signing up to direct debit and we will be introducing a number of measures to try and encourage that throughout the year. I have been lucky to have served on the Union Committee for a number of years and in that time, I have been very impressed with the commitment of committee members to the task in hand.

Our first event will be the Annual Mass, which will be held in the College on Sunday, 4th. November.

The Union's major event, The Annual Dinner, will be held in the Father Barry Hall, on Friday, 16th. November. This is always a great night, where we can meet up with Old School Friends and enjoy a wonderful evening. Early booking is advised and I would ask you to keep an eye on the Union website for further booking details. i would also like to thank Michael Foley (1988), from Aspire Digital, who has developed the new Union website.

The College continues to go from strength to strength and in Denis Collins, Senior School Principal and Mary O'Donnell, Junior School Principal and all the dedicated teachers, the school is in excellent hands and I would like to wish them huge success in the forthcoming year. To Father Richard Olin, Spiritual Director of the Union and Father John Flavin, a very sincere thank you for all your great work.

Finally, the Union is so important to us all and I really believe, there is something for everyone involved and I look forward to meeting you at our events throughout the year.

Kind regards,

Michael Fanagan (1975)

President St Mary’s College (C.S.S.p) Union